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“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”

Whenever I am asked about how my semester abroad went, or about the places I traveled to (and more importantly what was my favorite), or even about the people and friends I’ve met, I can… Continue reading

Le dernier jour (à Toulouse)

Five months ago I arrived in Toulouse with no real expectations as to how the semester ahead would go. I had no idea how classes worked, if I’d ever adjust to the French lifestyle, and more importantly,… Continue reading

Erasmus Gala

Last Wednesday was the last day of my semester abroad. It began with a 5-hour long final exam that lasted from 9 to 2pm, consisted of a 50+ page case study in French,… Continue reading

Two Weeks’ Notice

It hit me today that in two weeks I’m out of here, and in three days my semester abroad is over. I remember when studying abroad was just an idea. This crazy idea… Continue reading

Carnaval de Toulouse

Qu’est-ce qui se passerait si on déguisait la ville? / What would happen if the city were disguised? In the middle of Lenten season, carnival has made its appearance in Toulouse. I’m still trying to… Continue reading