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Venice: the Queen of the Adriatic

Throughout the semester, some of my fellow exchange students were missing class so they could travel. Whether that be to Dublin for St. Paddy’s Day, Barcelona for the sunshine, or Prague “just ’cause” – I, myself, was… Continue reading

The Land of Scots and Kilts

After a sunny (and then rainy) weekend in Amsterdam, I was headed to a destination with a much colder climate: Scotland. I was looking forward to being in an Anglophone country again after four months… Continue reading

Midnight in Paris (well technically, Villejuif)

After a 14 hour journey, I finally arrived at Charles de Gaulle around 9AM local time. It was my penpal’s friend, Joanna, and her sister, who came to pick me up from the… Continue reading

Ce qui m’effraye et m’émerveille

That which terrifies me and fills me with wonder. I’m boarding the plane that will take me to foreign land in less than 2 hours. For 7 months. And it is hitting me… Continue reading