Erasmus Gala

Last Wednesday was the last day of my semester abroad. It began with a 5-hour long final exam that lasted from 9 to 2pm, consisted of a 50+ page case study in French,… Continue reading

Two Weeks’ Notice

It hit me today that in two weeks I’m out of here, and in three days my semester abroad is over. I remember when studying abroad was just an idea. This crazy idea… Continue reading

Côte d’Azur

My life as an exchange student has been too surreal, and now that the end of the semester is near and summer is right around the corner, travel has been the only thing… Continue reading

Praha, Prag, Praga, PRAGUE

The city of Prague consistently ranks at the top of every “Most beautiful/charming/romantic city in Europe” list, and after having visited it for myself, I can confirm that those titles are justified. However, Prague isn’t… Continue reading

Bridges, baths, and Budapest

Didja know that Buda and Pest used to be separate cities?  It’s been two weeks since my trip to the Central European cities of Budapest and Prague, and it still feels as though… Continue reading