About Me

In French, Je veux l’aventure means I want the adventure.

Je m’appelle Jasmin, j’ai 20 ans, et ce semestre, j’étudie à l’étranger à Toulouse.

I’ve chosen to study abroad in Toulouse because I’ve only heard wonderful things about the south: warmer weather, beautiful scenery, and happier people. It’s quite similar to what I’m used to coming from sunny Southern California, but couldn’t be more different.

I was inspired to start this blog to document my study abroad experience and keep my family and friends updated while I’m away on the adventure of a lifetime.

I hope you have a laugh and enjoy my posts! And if you like what you see, please subscribe and support!

Merci et à bientôt!

Bis xx


I’ve now started a new blog called Dressed in Black. So if you like what you saw here, maybe you’ll like what I’ll be doing over there. Je veux l’aventure was a special chapter in my life, but now I’m off to write a new one. See you!