The matter at hand is this: do I want to continue writing posts on this blog – which has always surrounded my semester abroad experience, which sadly faced its demise several months ago – or do I want to stop writing posts in general? This ultimatum has practically been mocking me since my last blogpost on here, and to be honest, I have been ignoring it because I have not a clue what I want… Except to do something I can be proud of.

Lately, I have been following the likings of four particular bloggers who, needless to say, have all re-sparked my interest in this type of platform – the blog. It just so happens that they are all English, and have some form of connection to the ever-growing phenomenon of YouTube. However, aside from those minuscule coincidences, each young woman is unique and possess remarkable qualities that I can only dream to emulate.

They are:

Zoe of zoella.co.uk

Niomi of niomismart.com

Emma of mylondonlifestyle.co

Ella of weneedtolivemore.com

Every time they write a new post, I am inspired. I’m not sure if it’s the eloquence of their writing, or if it’s the content. It could quite possibly even be the photography. Regardless, the pride they each exude through a simple blogpost just ignites something in me that causes me to want this for myself. Especially now, when I’m at a point in my life (and college career) where it’s key because I will soon have to decide where I want to go from here. With graduation less than a year away, it’s terrifying to think about.

Though, what isn’t terrifying is the pure enjoyment I get with expressing myself through writing.

I could honestly see myself doing something like this for the rest of my life, and it’s just a matter of seeing it through. But no matter the outcome, I shall always follow my heart.

So, people of the internet, my decision is this. It is not the end of my time as an amateur blogger, but it is the end of this wonderful blog that I have grown to be very fond of. The title and tagline alone is some of my best work in all my years of living, but it is time to move on. Change is good, change is great.

Right now, I am in the midst of my last year of university, so it may be a while until you see me again. Or heck, maybe I’ll be writing another post tomorrow. Who knows!? I certainly don’t. But I am sure of one thing, this journey that I am on is not finished. I want to create a completely new blog, not sure of when that will happen or what it will entail. I just am sure that this is something I will see through.

But until then, it’s been a real adventure, Je veux l’aventure.

Jasmin x