The Greek Isles: Mykonos


I have to say that the party didn’t start until we arrived in Mykonos, the first of the three Greek islands that we would be stopping at on our tour.

Mykonos is the “party” island, and falls under the more expensive islands of Greece. But it was a great time regardless.

The ferry ride from Athens to Mykonos port was a whopping 6 hour long journey.IMG_0980 IMG_0981

We had to wake up fairly early to catch the 7:30am ferry, but because it was so early, everyone was asleep for the first half of it. That made it seem much shorter than it actually was. And because we were so rested, we would hit the ground running when we arrived to Mykonos.


Upon arrival at our hotels, we saw that we were a stone throw’s away from the beach.

So without a doubt, that’s where we all spent our afternoon before a night out on the town.

IMG_1007IMG_1013 IMG_1026 IMG_1024We made it just in time to see the sunset. I am a strong believer that the most beautiful time of the day is during golden hour..

Need I say more?


At this point, though, I was eager to eat Greek food – so that’s what we did. Can’t say no to gyros in Greece!

IMG_1066To end the night, we went to two nightclubs. I’m not too keen on extremely packed-dance floors, drink-dropping, and too much EDM (yes, there is such a thing) but it was something that has to be done in Greece.

Plus, it was one of ours’ birthdays! So, we had to celebrate.

IMG_1072 IMG_1074

Mykonos is crazy – but our tour group of American college students is much crazier!

The next day was a free morning/afternoon, so Diana and I ventured back to town to experience it in the daytime.

IMG_1091 IMG_1120 IMG_1133All the buildings are painted white, and the doors come in all shades of blues. So much charm, I couldn’t handle myself with the pictures. I will include more in a later post. :)

IMG_1154We even spontaneously got henna tattoos. Maybe not the best idea because it faded prematurely – how can you go to Greece and not spend some time in the water?


The afternoon/evening was meant to be spent at Paradise Beach – the ultimate beach party.

IMG_1157 IMG_1158

Let’s just say the place was insane. And if this is anything like Spring Break in Mexico, I’m not exactly sure what to think. It was a lot of fun though – something that you need to check out for yourself because pictures won’t do it justice.