The Greek Isles: Ios


The last stop of our Greek island hopping tour!

It was hard to say goodbye to Santorini, but I was anxious and excited to get to Ios!

IMG_1477 IMG_1478

Welcomed by a fruity drink and friendly Aussie, I knew automatically that Ios would be a fun place.

It didn’t feel like we were in Greece anymore, though. It felt like we were in Australia, and with the accents and water sports, I think it was justified!


A free afternoon meant the beach and even a spontaneous kayak tour. I loved the workout, and it gave me the energy for a fun night out bar-hopping.

IMG_1499 IMG_1508 IMG_1511

Ios knows how to party. And dare I say it, I prefer it to Mykonos.

That night we stayed out until 4 in the morning and hopped around 5 or 6 clubs. I don’t usually have the interest in this sort of thing, but I figured you’re entitled to at least one night out every once in a while. But I’m no Vegas!

IMG_1548Diana and I went into town the next morning, and it was funny seeing how dead it was compared to just a few hours before. I guess that’s nightlife for you.

When we got back to the hotel/beach, we paddle boarded! No pictures :( really wish I had a GoPro or waterproof camera when it comes to water sports.

It was a fairly chill start to our day because that afternoon we were to set off on a Booze Cruise around the island.

IMG_1571 IMG_1573

Good music, good company, good vibes.

It really felt like summer as we spent the afternoon on the sea.

The boat took us to a cliff jumping spot, some caves, snorkeling spot. There was a barbecue on board, as well as a puppy.


It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon together, as well as our last full day on Ios.

Surprisingly, I have to say that Ios was my favourite island this tour. I loved Santorini for its beauty, but Ios was so beautiful as well! And it had water sports, which I loved.

Partying and nightclubbing has never really appealed to me before. For myself, I prefer the more active and adrenaline-pumping scene. The adventurous bits, not the dancing/drinking the night away. I’ve always been like that, and being with a group of college students made it even more evident.

But I am perfectly satisfied with that. As Mark (the Aussie) put it, I’m a “chiller” and I take that as a compliment.


Thanks for a great time, Ios.