Praha, Prag, Praga, PRAGUE

The city of Prague consistently ranks at the top of every “Most beautiful/charming/romantic city in Europe” list, and after having visited it for myself, I can confirm that those titles are justified.

However, Prague isn’t just a pretty face. It is a city rich with character and characters. It is where noblemen threw each other out of windows and a king demanded that a priest share his wife’s confessions. Where bronze statues have turned gold due to tourists being told it’s good luck to rub it. (Here, we were told long life and fertility.)


It is also a city who lived under Nazi and communist rule. With a people who love their beer. Didja know that Czechs drink more beer per capita in the world? Before the Germans, this shocked me!

I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many different cities this semester (with more to come this summer), but I have to say that Prague has become my favourite. Maybe it’s its storybook charm because if you know me, I love a town straight out of a fairytale. But maybe it’s the fact that I had my heart set on visiting this city – and it happened.

Sudiksha and I left Budapest at 6:30 on Sunday morning. It would be a 7-hour bus ride, which was brutal to say the least. Though, the destination was Prague so it was all worth it.

By the time we got to our hostel, we had to rush out as soon as we checked into our room in order to catch our 3 o’clock walking tour. Long story short, we missed it due to our inability to find the meeting point. It all worked out for the better though because we didn’t have our umbrellas on us and it started to rain.

After running back to our hostel, we went back out to explore Prague because our only full day there was the Monday. The goal of this outing was to take pictures at the John Lennon Wall and see Prague in the golden hour and at night. It was a success!

IMG_8005 IMG_8006 IMG_8012 IMG_8017 IMG_8023 IMG_8024 IMG_8026 IMG_8029 IMG_8031 IMG_8034

Then, we had dinner at the cutest restaurant. Funny story: we only decided to go in because they were serving apple strudel for dessert. We appreciate the simple things.

IMG_8040 IMG_8043

We liked this restaurant because when we were seated, they asked us where we were coming from. So, we said “Canada and the States.” The waiter gave us a nod, walked over to this wall of tiny flags, and came back with these! It was a very nice touch, and cool to see all the different flags on the restaurant tables.

IMG_0774 IMG_0775 IMG_0776 IMG_0777IMG_8056 IMG_8057 IMG_8061

Since we had missed our walking tour on Sunday, we had signed up for two 2-3 hour walking tours to make up for lost time and make the most of our only full day in the city.

The first walking tour took us all around the right bank of Prague. We had a lovely tour guide who provided great commentary and was a complete ball of energy throughout the entire tour. She told us she had a Czech accent, but she was Czech-Slovak. It’s so bizarre how it was Czechoslovakia until 1992! That makes it a pretty recent divorce, but it was a peaceful one.

IMG_8074 IMG_8093 IMG_8094 It was with our second walking tour that took us to the left bank of Prague. This is where the beautiful Prague Castle sits and where we got the most spectacular views of the city.

IMG_8080IMG_8083IMG_8090 IMG_8091

I read somewhere that Prague isn’t the first city that comes to the minds of American tourists when they come to Europe, and that is such a shame because it is so so so beautiful.

It managed to take my breath away when our bus first drove into Prague, and it did it again when I walked Charles Bridge as the sun was setting the same day. It has made such a lasting impression on myself and I will definitely make it out to Prague for a longer stay in the future.

IMG_8115 IMG_8116 IMG_8117 IMG_8124 IMG_8126 IMG_8128

For our last night in Prague (and of our Central European holiday), we decided we’d spoil ourselves with a rooftop dinner at Hotel UPrince. Despite the sunny photos, it was very chilly up there. However, it was a wonderful meal and even more spectacular view.

Prague, miluji te. xx