Carnaval de Toulouse

Qu’est-ce qui se passerait si on déguisait la ville? / What would happen if the city were disguised?

In the middle of Lenten season, carnival has made its appearance in Toulouse. I’m still trying to understand that part; Palm Sunday is a week away, Easter is two. Then again, this is France – and the French are a culture of the fashionably late.

Regardless, yesterday was the final day of Carnaval and it was celebrated with Le Grand Défilé / the Grand Parade on Pont Neuf.

If I had to sum up Toulousain Carnaval in 3 words, it would have to be costumes, crazy, and confetti! And loads of all three.


Leading the procession was Monsieur Carnaval himself. He was on his way to his cremation, which I have to admit is a bit bizarre. But this is Carnival we’re talking about, and I can imagine bizarre-r.





IMG_6663IMG_6670 IMG_6678

This little pirate boy was shooting confetti out of the ship’s canon. Pretty cheeky (and legit) if I say so myself.

I enjoyed the confetti actually. It was literally being thrown left and right, by the people in the parade and the people watching it. It made it feel like a real party: where nothing is taken too seriously and fun is 100% genuine.

IMG_6645 IMG_6671IMG_6682

We were also standing by children, so we were asking for it from the start.


Seeing all the costumes and watching the floats go by reminded me so much of Disneyland. Of course, I’m going to make a reference to it. I get homesick (for Disneyland). Judge me.

Even look at this couple! They look like proper Dapper Day attendees.


One of the reasons I chose to come to Toulouse was because of the people here. I was told that they are warmer and are happier. I believe the sun plays a huge role in that, and it was confirmed yesterday that a sunny day makes the whole city go play.

What I loved the most were the huge smiles on everyone’s faces.

There is no doubt that Toulousains know how to have a great time.