La Saint Valentin

Yesterday was la Saint Valentin, also known as Valentine’s Day or if we’re being informal, Lover’s Day.

Although I do joke around by also calling this day Single Awareness Day, I genuinely find this day a sweet one. A whole day dedicated to that universally sought-after, 4-letter word: LOVE

I am no love expert; in fact, I am the furthest thing from it. I do know, however, that love comes in many different forms. There is the type of love between lovers; the understated love amongst family and friends; the love felt towards a divine being; unrequited love and the love for yourself, even. And often I think we forget that silly little thing called love is all around us; so I find that a holiday like this one (created out of commercial interests or not) is a good reminder to prendre le temps de sentir les roses / take time to smell the roses.


For the first time in all 20 years of my life, I experienced the chivalrous love for cooking, entertaining, love, and friendship last night at the dinner organized for the girls by some of the Erasmus boys. I still have a smile on my face thinking of all the preparation and effort put into it. These boys are such sweethearts.

Even though it kind of stings to admit, I didn’t have plans for last night. I know, such a sad life. However, I was invited to this Valentine’s dinner that the boys were putting together. I didn’t feel right because it was last minute and I didn’t want to just show up, but I am very glad that I went.

The dinner was set for 8PM sharp, which wasn’t the case of course. So after what felt like hours and hours of waiting for our dinner reservation, the anticipation was high. Upon arrival, we were each greeted with a glass of champagne and a single red rose.


There were candles everywhere in Julio’s apartment. Then, can we talk about the table presentation? It was perfection. Plates, cutlery, red wine bottles, more candles. We were all so impressed.




For the first course, the boys prepared a beautiful salad of mixed berries, cheese, and lettuce; topped with a delicious homemade dressing that I forget was in it. Literally so in the moment that I just needed to stop and enjoy. They also made Carpaccio, which is an Italian appetizer composed of raw beef, arugula, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. I know, raw meat? Honestly, it was marvelous.


Next, we were served a pork loin with a very delicious red sauce. I sort of can’t remember if it was sweet or had a kick to it. Total opposites, I know. I think the wine was starting to kick in at this point.


After, my favourite part of any meal… dessert. There were two: crêpes and chocolate covered strawberries.


Just bravo, boys. That very expensive bottle of alcohol was very much deserved.


I’m not speechless because, let’s be real, I could gush about this for ages. I’m just so thankful and feeling very blessed. This was definitely not how I ever imagined celebrating a Valentine’s Day.

Chivalry is definitely alive and well.