Bon Anniversaire, Julia!

Yesterday was one of ours’ birthday – Mademoiselle Julia’s.


I’m debating whether or not this is even post-worthy.. No, what am I saying? OF COURSE it’s post worthy. It’s hilarious and a major fail, but we had a great time regardless.

Let me first paint out the scene. Julia’s boyfriend is in town; and we may just have thought that we could steal her for a bit on her special day…

Note to self: if you’re going to plan a surprise party, make sure the person closest to them is in on it. I mean, you can’t compete with the boyfriend.

After several failed attempts to contact her via Facebook and unanswered knocks on her apartment door, we decided to get the party started.. With a birthday toast to the birthday girl – who wasn’t there.


So then, we played the waiting game. I would say that a good 4 hours passed before we decided to call it a night.

Wow, that was such a major fail now that I think about it. We had candles and balloons, cake and wine, everything. It wasn’t for nothing though (double-negative, oops) because we still had a great evening.

At the end of the night, we decided to decorate Julia’s door and leave her card there for when she’d arrive.


^ This picture I took this morning when Amanda and I did a walk-by of her apartment.

Did anyone guess? Yes, one of her birthday presents was a night at a hotel.

I mean, it’s the thought that counts, right? Haha!


Julia has since then returned to the apartment and seen her surprise. We like to believe that she loved it. ;)