La Chandeleur – Fête des crêpes

À la Chandeleur, l’hiver se meurt ou prend vigueur. / At Candlemas, the winter dies or takes strength.

February 2nd marks 40 days since Christmas, which is also known in France as La Chandeleur.

If it wasn’t for Comme une Française TV, I think that a lot of French culture would be overlooked by myself. I don’t remember exactly how I came across her YouTube channel, but I am très contente that I did.

Basically, the tradition is that everyone in France (of course, not EVERYONE) makes/eats crêpes on this day. In fact, all the shops had sections dedicated to crêpes and crêpe-making.

Here’s a picture from the neighbourhood épicerie to prove I’m not joking.


Yet another cute French tradition! So naturally, I wanted to plan something with the girls – and I did. :)



To make the crêpe batter is very simple. The recipe entails only flour, butter, milk, water, eggs, sugar, and a pinch of salt. (Thank you to the beautiful Dodam for the pictures.)


The actual crêpe-making was quite simple as well. Us girls who were interested in cooking them stayed by the stove and made them – we had a great instructor in Magdalena. Our crêpes turned out great! (But they tasted even better.)



The Brazilian girls also prepared for us a delicious hot wine.


These nights will honestly be some of my favourite memories from the semester, I already know it.