You can have your cake (and eat it too!)

My school has – what they call Sémi-neige – this weekend, meaning there aren’t any classes for 4 days. A 4-day weekend. Woohoo, right?!

Naturally one would assume I’d be out of town, even out of the country, but it crept up on me too fast to plan something and plus the weather has been awful these past couple of days.

Let’s first be clear, awful for southern Californian standards – where winter is literally only two months, and it’s nothing. The Europeans who come from the north are always quick to say something along the lines of “It’s snowing back home. All my friends are suffering, and therefore this is nothing!” Whereas for me, coming from the land of sunny and clear skies, this cold/clouds/rain/wind mix is not nothing, but something.

I say this, too, partly because I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather this past week. The gloomy skies don’t help much either! Though, I’m not one to sit around. If I get sicker (which would suck) then so be it. I can’t be lazy for too long because it just gets boring to me.

This weekend in Toulouse, La Fête de la Violette is taking part in Capitole. Yes, you’re reading that right. It’s literally “the party of the violet.” Toulouse may be La Ville Rose, but it is also the city of violets.

IMG_0163 IMG_0165 IMG_0169

I’m not sure what I was exactly expecting of this “fête,” but it was alright. I just found it interesting how many ways one can use violet. I got to try violet-flavoured macarons, violet chocolate, and some sort of galette that smelt like flowers.

The main purpose of today’s rendez-vous with all the girls, though, was so that we could all have dessert. These girls are literally my people. I love dessert – I can never say no to a date with cake. ;)

IMG_0170 IMG_0172 IMG_0174

I had a delicious cheesecake that was actually very light in texture and taste. It was nice! Then for my drink, a cheeky café au lait

IMG_0177 IMG_0180

I should probably lay off the sweets and baguettes and chocolatines soon, but until then, I’m going to enjoy each and every bite. As much as I am looking forward to spring and summer, I have a feeling it won’t be arriving for a while. Winter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.