Enchantée, Toulouse

Après un séjour merveilleux avec ma correspondante parisienne et un long voyage, je suis finalement à Toulouse où je resterai pour le prochain semestre. Je vis mon rêve et tout est surréel. Je ne peux pas croire qu’il se passe. / After a wonderful stay with my Parisian pen pal and a long journey, I am finally in Toulouse where I will stay for the next semester. I am living my dream and everything is surreal.

I can’t believe that it is happening.

But it is.

I have now been in Toulouse for officially a week, and I feel that a “I’m finally in Toulouse!” post is in order. It may be long overdue, but I wanted time to settle into my new life and try to get back into the study aspect of study abroad (I’m forever on holiday while I’m here, sorry about it.)

I got to Toulouse last Saturday, and since then I’ve attended several soirées, met many fellow international students and Welcome Team members alike, walked about the city streets without getting lost, and am in the process of completing all the logistics required to make my stay here run smoothly. There is still so much to do, but I’m hoping to take it one step at a time because a mental breakdown won’t be pretty.

Here’s a little recap of my first week in my new city!

Monday was Orientation Day, as well as the first day of classes. However, all the Erasmus, or foreign exchange students, got to sit through many introductions and presentations instead. It was a long day; but the day didn’t end there. The same night, we all had dinner at an amazing restaurant/bar with the Welcome Team.



Tuesday was my first day of class; nothing too special.

Wednesday was spent trying to open a bank account; and doing everything in my power to not get sick.

Thursday, I finally got to see le Capitole, Pont Neuf, and the charming little rues de Toulouse with Maricruz and her mom.





Friday, I ventured into the center on my own and j’ai fait un peu du shopping. It’s SOLDES, or sales season! I also did some more ‘sploring.


Then today, Saturday, I spent walking around even more and having lunch with some of the other girls from this semester’s Erasmus.

IMG_0170IMG_5382 IMG_5385 IMG_5400

I’m quickly learning that Toulouse is a very small city; but it is so very charming and trop mignonne / too cute.

I am also realising that there is so much to do! Because I will only be taking two courses this first part of the program, it leaves me with a lot of free time during the week. I even have some extra long weekends ;) Although I am here primarily for “studies,” you best believe that I am going to do as much traveling as I can.

Though, for the time being: Toulouse, you are beautiful.

I am so lucky that I get to call this place home for the next 6 months.