Pourquoi La Vie en la Ville Rose?

La vie en la Ville Rose, or Life in the Pink City.

I will be the first to admit that I thought I was so clever when I came up with this title because it literally is SO perfect.

La vie en la Ville Rose is alluding to two things. France’s beloved Edith Piaf and her equally beloved La Vie en Roseand the fact that Toulouse is known as the Pink City, or ville rose. Their architecture has reddish/pinkish hues to it. (I have yet to see it in person, but you’ll see plenty pictures of it in the months to come from me.) I think it’s actually very clever, and if you believe otherwise, je m’en fiche.

I will try my best to translate the French words I use, but just assume that if there’s no translation, it’s slang. Or a swear word.

So why life in the pink city?

I had the choice between a university in Cergy-Pontoise, 20-30 minutes outside of Paris; and the school in Toulouse. I’ve actually had the privilege of visiting Paris; once in 2008 with my aunt and uncle, and a second time in 2011. Although I would have loved being that much closer to the UK, I went with Toulouse.

Now for those not too keen on geography, and French geography at that, here is a helpful picture and map of France.


As you can see, Toulouse is located in the south of France. This means a warmer climate and warmer people. AND I’m in perfect position to spend weekends in Spain and Italy. Heck, the whole of western Europe will be my playground. It will be a dream come true, and I am so very excited.

Toulouse culture has been strongly influenced by its Spanish neighbors, so I’m looking forward to a friendlier atmosphere than if I were to be in the chilly north. They can get pretty intimidating, and seeing that I’m meant to use the three years of French I’ve had, I’m praying that the Toulousains are kind and patient with the girl who’s first language isn’t français.